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AADA Fall Meeting

Last week, the general meeting of the Azerbaijan Automobile Dealers Association (AADA) took place. According to the agenda of the meeting, a brief report of the Chairman of the Management Board, Natig Zarbaliyev, was heard on the activities of the organization in the first three quarters of 2022.

It was mentioned in the report that official car importers are continuing their efforts to rejuvenate the country's car park and import modern, safe and ecologically safe vehicles within the framework of state programs aimed at road safety and environmental health by the order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. AADA continuously conducts research for the development of the country's automobile sector, studies the experience of foreign countries, and makes appeals to the relevant state institutions with various proposals. In the current year, the association has also carried out numerous events to promote the most modern examples of global and local automobile production. An example of this is the “Yashil Olke” ("Green Country") eco-car rally on the Baku-Mingachevir route, the "Car of the Future" drawing competition among schoolchildren, and the "Caucasus Motor Show" automobile exhibition held in Gabala.

According to the second item of the agenda of the meeting, AADA members put forward a number of new proposals that could affect the development of the civilian car market in our country. Basically, these proposals cover areas such as the auto-leasing financial instrument, which is widely developed in world practice, and the civilian second-hand market. At the same time, it was noted that the current geo-political realities in the region, the growing international reputation of our country and the unique geographical position of Azerbaijan make the prospect of becoming a re-export node of new and used cars attractive for neighboring countries. Participants tasked the board with substantive research on these and other topics.

At the end of the meeting, changes were made in the governing bodies of the association. Thus, new members were elected to the AADA Board of Directors, the Control and Inspection Commission, and the Executive Director was appointed to the association with the presentation of the chairman. According to tradition, the general meeting concluded with informal communication around the tea table.

Press service of AADA