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Blogger Ramin Musayev's Rant

Blogger Ramin Musayev delivers an impressive rant on old cars. In order for the public to afford new cars, customs costs must be reduced and car loans must be issued with a 20% down payment. Otherwise, our roads will be flooded with scrapped vehicles from America and Europe...

I think the author of the article, well-known auto journalist and blogger Ramin Musayev, deliberately chose this style of writing: this is the demand of the time and social media users. The more simple and entertaining content you offer, the more attention you will get on the Internet. One of the main issues of interest to today's audience is: I wonder how long will we only dare to dream of buying a new car?!


Natig Zarbaliyev


“Lit” cars

Yesterday I went to the Oncology Center - it looked like a beehive.

“Lit” cars are those old cars that have recently been brought to the country en masse. Because after a while, when the fire reaches the engine, the environment will explode causing such devastation that even our future generations will be sick. Harmful substances emitted into the atmosphere by old cars cause oncological diseases.

We live in stupidly dark times, the population is killing their own selves. Literal flaming dumpsters are brought to the country with the idea that “everyone should have a car”.

Everyone in the US has a car because they have a great credit system. If you want, get a Porsche, but only if you can afford the service and insurance. In our case, the sale of new cars was hit hard by the rule of paying 40-50% of the cost in advance. Everyone would love to buy a new car, but instead they buy what they can - an old Prius for the 25% of the original price and become a taxi driver.

Our people never think about the future, you can clearly see it on the road map and the urban development plan. That's why when one road is under construction, the entire city is stuck in a giant traffic jam.

Son Xəbərlər